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Our heady whirlpool recyclers were designed to stay small while delivering a smooth hit and exceptional smoking experience.  The recycling action makes it impossible to get splash back.  This is excellent for flavorful hits and wont take up too much space on the table.  Features:* 8'' from base to top of mouthpiece* Reinforced 14mm ground male joint, 3.5'' high* Beaker bottom base with a 2.5'' diameter* Slitted 7 hole diffuser * 190g* Whirlpool recycler* 3 flower marbles built in with matching black artwork* Clear 14mm dome and glass nail

Quartz bangers are available too, rest easy knowing this is the best place to buy your piece, everything has been inspected and will get to you the safest and quickest 

Black A.I. Heady Whirlpool Recycler

$134.99 Regular Price
$41.85Sale Price
Color: Black
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